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“There is a place we long to be” but while we’re all waiting for paradise why not help other seniors both computers and persons to discover the world of free software!

Even if you’re not located in Quebec or for that matter in Canada we still need many hands to build this website and its sister website.

For the moment there are far more people talking about free software or using in their workplace than those with a free software desktop in everyday use.

If you’re already among the select few above why not contact us via our contact form particularly if you have Word Press skills than can help.

Let’s incorporate ideas from all interested by Richard Stallman’s vision of software in freeing expression for everyone or those of a vision from the past when Steve Jobs talked about computers for the rest of us at Apple.

After all we need both visions to succeed in freeing computers.

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  1. Hi, The working environment at La Patente is in the French language and we encourage new English speaking arrivals to practice their knowledge of French however limited before using English only as a last resort.

    You never know, that way you may become fluent in French as I did after a few months of practice.

    If you should meet other members who prefer practicing their English we suggest you share your common interest at a local café. That way you’ll recognize the importance the french language in the workplace and increase your contact with the local culture at the same time.

    Commenter avatars come from Gravatar.

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